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Regular office hours are Monday and Tuesday from 1pm-4pm. Our exhibits are closed until June 2019. Admission is free. These exhibits include:
3M and Maplewood: Magically Adhered. Artifacts, photos and videos showing how the 3M company moved to Maplewood in the 1950s and the impact that had on the community.
Maplewood Fire Department. Artifacts, photos and interactives from the Gladstone, East County Line and Parkside Volunteer Fire Departments including Gladstone's first fire engine, a 1923 Pirsch.
Gladstone. The story of the rise and decline of a Maplewood neighborhood that includes stories, photos and artifacts from early industries, grocery stores, recreation areas and schools.
The Evolution of Maplewood. A brief chronology with maps showing how Maplewood evolved from New Canada and McLean Townships.
The Milk House Dairy Exhibit. Visit the recreated milk house with artifacts and interactive displays telling of life on the Bruentrup dairy farm in the 1945 – 60's and the function of this milk house.
Farm Equipment and How It Was Used. See the actual equipment used for planting and harvesting crops on the Bruentrup dairy farm during 1945 – 60's and learn how each operated.
Life On The Bruentup Dairy Farm. This short video provides an overview of dairy operations in the 1945 – 60's.