Executive Director Position

Position Description, Executive Director
Maplewood Area Historical Society/Bruentrup Heritage Farm
2170 County Road D East
Maplewood, MN 55109

Position Title: Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors

Supervises: Volunteers, Staff, and Designated Contractors

Hours: Full-time - 40 hours/week

Salary: $35,000-$40,000 PA DOQ

Position Summary: The Maplewood Area Historical Society (MAHS) is seeking an Executive Director (ED) to help the institution fulfill its mission of making Maplewood history and heritage come alive. The ED will be responsible for centering history in all programs, exhibits, and rental events, as well as manage day-to-day operations and volunteer activities; provide governance support to the Board of Directors; create exhibits and programs; manage collections and facilities; develop and maintain communication; recruit and train new volunteers and staff; and carry out other duties as assigned.

MAHS was started in 1995 and is based at the Bruentrup Heritage Farm. The Farm buildings were donated in 1999 by the Bruentrup family and moved to the present 2 1/2 acre site which is owned by the City of Maplewood. MAHS has a long-term lease and agreement with the City to manage the farm site. Some of the buildings date to the 1890s and early 20th century. The farmhouse is the only one that is climate-controlled so the other buildings are used for artifact storage or seasonal activities such as exhibits, history programs, and non-history events like weddings and family reunions. The City maintains a 20-acre natural prairie adjacent to the Farm and this is available for MAHS use.

Because the MAHS has been staffed almost entirely by volunteers, the corps of volunteers are highly engaged with the institution and are used to working on their own projects. The new ED must be able to step into a situation where the volunteers are strong and independent, get acquainted with them, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and solicit information and suggestions from them for future projects or programs.

The Maplewood Area Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer.

For questions, and to apply, email:  Info@MaplewoodHistoricalSociety.org. Applications will be accepted until Friday, June 25.

Position Duties

1. Manage the daily operations and the volunteer activities of the Society:

It is expected that the ED will take responsibility for managing staff (primarily volunteer or on contract), manage all scheduling for the site and its programs, work with the treasurer and board chair on financial management. The ED will also be responsible for MAHS publications, including the calendar of events, meeting notices, and program-related work.

2. Provide Governance Support to the Board:

The ED will prepare meeting agendas for the Board in consultation with the Board’s President, participate in meetings, and provide to the board up-to-date information on the state of the institution’s health, and any changes in the operating environment that will affect the organization. The ED will coordinate all fundraising activities for MAHS, although ED will not bear sole responsibility.

3. Create exhibits and programs and manage the MAHS collections and facilities:

The MAHS has, in the past, focused its efforts on attracting the public through programs, exhibit projects, and rental events. There is an imbalance between revenue-generating activities that are not mission-specific and those that are mission-specific. The Board believes that centering history in all of its programs and exhibition projects is crucial to future success. Therefore, the ED will bear the responsibility to see that all programs of the MAHS will be centered in history, with national and world history always told through the local and regional lens. Exhibition development will be a key part of this initiative, as well as programs held at the Breuntrup Heritage Farm, OR in the local community. We are interested in creating new avenues for online programming. The ED will also be responsible for the MAHS collection of tangible objects in its custody, as well as working with the Building Committee to ensure that all historic structures are properly maintained. Keeping a maintenance schedule for each building will be a key initiative to ensure that all buildings continue to serve, in good condition.

4. Develop and maintain communications and documentation:

The ED will develop (or re-develop) organs of communication with the public and oversee volunteers who manage the MAHS electronic media presence. Strategic partnerships with the City of Maplewood, other local historical societies, libraries, and schools need to be stewarded or developed anew. The ED shall assume this responsibility. The ED shall become the face of MAHS and be prepared to make presentations in the community.

5. Recruit and train staff, volunteers, and build membership:

The ED shall seek out professional development opportunities, in order to keep current in the work of the field. He/She should always seek opportunities for enrichment and learning opportunities for board and volunteers to help in the recruiting and training of future volunteers, as well as managing the current corps of enthusiastic volunteers. And the ED should empower all board and volunteer staff to ensure that membership in the MAHS continues to grow into a community of enthusiastic supporters.

6. Other duties as assigned by the Board via the President or his/her designee.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in history, museum studies, or related field, and a minimum of two years experience with a museum or historical society in a management role.

Master’s Degree preferred.

Demonstrated ability to work and communicate in a leadership role and guide teams and/or individuals toward a common goal.

Possessing a willingness and ability to regularly travel to sites throughout the county and state.

Desirable Qualifications:

Acquaintance with the canon of ethics of the museum profession, fundraising, and inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility.

Demonstrated ability in museum administration, business administration, museum standards, and best practices, and museum or business records management.

Demonstrated skills, principles, and practices of marketing and fundraising.

Demonstrated ability to provide training, direction, and management of paid and unpaid staff, volunteers, and interns.

Demonstrated ability to work successfully with partners, consultants, contractors, and vendors.

Knowledge of the Maplewood area, Minnesota history, and American history.


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