The Maplewood Area Historical Society has two main themes: 1. Preserve and interpret the history of Maplewood and, 2. Preserve and interpret the history of the Bruentrup Heritage Farm. Below are some videos and histories of both.

"The History of Maplewood"

Maplewood's written history begins around 1850 when European settlers began moving into the area. Click Here for a written overview of that history.

"The History of the Bruentrup Heritage Farm"

The Bruentrup Farm began in 1891 when William Bruentrup married Ida Wagner and the bride's parents gave them 40 acres of land along White Bear Avenue. Click Here for a written history.

"The Lost City of Gladstone"

Gladstone was platted in 1887 when William Dawson purchased land around today's English Street and Frost Avenue and named it after the British prime minister.

"Grandpa Otto's Lake Phalen"

Lake Phalen has been a popular recreational area since the beginning of the 20th century.

"Fish Creek Archaeology"

In 2005, archeologists found evidence in southern Maplewood of peoples of the Woodlands Culture who lived here between 1,000 – 2,800 years ago. Click Here for an hour-long video by archeologist Jeremy Nienow as he discusses the Woodlands Culture.

"Victorian Tombstones at Forest Lawn cemetery"

Forest Lawn cemetery on Edgerton Street has many tombstones sculpted with symbols that tell something of the lives of their occupants. Click Here for an hour-long video by local historian Janice Quick on these tombstones.

"Oral Histories: East County Line, Gladstone, Parkside, Firefighters"

Oral histories of Firefighters serving in the first volunteer Maplewood fire departments. Click on a name Robert Edwin Bade, Amy Shadt Duellman, Edward Joseph Leier, Joseph Waters, Richard Juker, Steve Lukin, Richard Allen Peterson for written copies of the interviews.

"Maplewood Historic Context Study"

Prepared for the City of Maplewood and the Maplewood Heritage Preservation Commission. Click Here for a current copy of the study.